Terpenes Part 2 – Myrcene

In part 1 of our terpene series we laid out five of the most popular terpenes – or flavour profiles prominent in cannabis products.  Today we look at myrcene – the most popular flavour profile within the ‘earthy & woody’ segment.

Myrcene evokes earthy & musky aromas.  The taste of ripened fruit, a tall glass of your favorite beer, and even lemongrass soup all come to mind when thinking about myrcene.  That’s because it’s a major component in the essential oils of hops – the foundation of beer brewing.  It is also found in wild thyme, cardamom, and parsley.  Maybe memories of your favorite thanksgiving dinner with savoury stuffing, or your favorite pesto in a pasta dish are evoked when taking in the aroma of cannabis infused with this particular terpene.  It is also made into menthol and citronella oils as well!

This versatile compound is truly one that encompasses many strains of cannabis as it is the one most commonly found throughout indicas.  It is known to have sedative properties that encourage calm, relief, and in some cases, the reduction of pain.  But despite its relaxing effects, there are many strains that give a euphoric and uplifting reaction in addition!

Myrcene-based strains of cannabis will certainly put you in your seat and keep you there if you seek to have a true mellow.

Part 3 will look at pinene – which as its name suggests, is part of pine trees and pine nuts.

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