Terpenes Part 3 – Pinene

In part 1 of our terpene series we laid out five of the most popular terpenes – or flavour profiles prominent in cannabis products.  Today we look at pinene – as its name suggests, the fresh smells of pine needles, evergreen forests, and spices like rosemary and sage.

Pinene is one of the most bio-available terpenes in all of nature.  Many insects in nature rely on pinene chemicals to act as their chemical communications system by either alerting other insects to their presence or making there whereabouts known.  This effect, when magnified in uses such as citronella, can ward insects such as mosquitoes away.

But pinene is not just known for its prevalence in insects!  In human nature, it is one of the most bio-available substances with human absorption rates of up to 60%.  This provides great benefits in the use of cannabis as it can greatly affect the reduction of memory when experiencing a strong “in your seat” cannabis experience.  In addition to its memory effects, it can also boost your alertness evening out such effects which make it a popular choice for those wishing to transition from CBD-heavy strains of flower to something with a higher THC content.

Studies with pinene flower have seen some positive results in terms of pain reduction & as an airway opener.  Example strains like Dutch Treat, Blue Dream, and even OG Kush follow these patterns with many more choices for balancing THC/CBD content.  Fruit and pine often go together in these level headed and relaxing strains to give the person a lift off their feet after a hard day’s work.

Pinene-based strains will be the #lux touch to crisp and clean feelings of well-being without the unintended effects of something more stimulating or more sedative – a perfect balance.

Part 4 will look at limonene – the sweet and tangy citrus flavors of summer!

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