Terpenes Part 4 – Limonene

In part 1 of our terpene series we laid out five of the most popular terpenes – or flavour profiles prominent in cannabis products. Today we look at limonene – the full embodiment of citrus.

As its name implies, it is the key element in the oils of citrus fruit peels.  Many summer fragrances rely heavily on these compounds as a result.  It is common in many vitamin-C supplements and candies, it is a natural cleanser – what can’t limonene do?  It is truly natures’s utility knife!

It is also one of the more reusable resources on the planet.  Citrus oil is a byproduct of orange juice manufacturing since that cold glass cannot use the peels as it would give the juice too sour of a taste.  After the juice is processed, the peels process the essential limonene oils.

So what do we think of when we relate limonene to cannabis?  Light, uplifting aromas that soothe, and help with anxiety, depression, upset stomache, and so on by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.  Strains like strawberry diesel and lemon kush represent what limonene has to offer.

Despite this, not much is known about how limonene affects the human body.  There is a stark lack of research on its capabilities compared to many other popular terpenes.  Some research has been done on limonene’s effects at higher doses and the limited research we do have points to its positive effects of having antibacterial & antifungal properties.  Limited research has been done with lab mice in limonene’s ability to slow cancerous tumor growth which encourages hope for broader use of this terpene.

Stay tuned for part 5 where we talk about linalool – the floral yet spicy terpene!

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