Terpenes Part 5 – Linalool

In part 1 of our terpene series we laid out five of the most popular terpenes – or flavour profiles prominent in cannabis products. Today we look at linalool – a rather unique terpene with both sweet and spice elements in its flavour profile.

Linalool is typically found in many herbs such as mint, basil, and hyssop.  It is also found in spices like cinnamon, for example.  Much like limonene, it is processed for its vitamin properties and as such is used in vitamin-E supplements.  This seems rather pedestrian, however linalool as a cannabis terpene is a rising star for its therapeutic benefits.

Much like limonene, linalool has strong anti-microbial properties.  It has been used in various forms throughout history as a sedative in traditional medicine.  These historical uses have shown to be true in lab testing with mice.  The studies have shown that their anxiety levels were reduced and were much more relaxed.

This anxiety-lowering effect has shown great potential in reducing the adverse effects of stress.  In the tests, exposure to linalool showed that the bodily changes in response to stress were effectively reduced thanks to enabling the body’s relaxation state whilst in a stressful situation.  This effectively cancelled out the impression of the stressful situation.

So then what strains do we choose when we look for something high in linalool?  Amnesia haze, special kush, lavender, grape ape, and LA confidential.  Interestingly enough, the vapours these strains create act as a repellent to fruit flies and mosquitoes.

In our final installment of the 5 core terpenes you should be looking for, we will conclude with Beta-Caryophyllene – pure spice!

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