Terpenes Part 6 – Beta-Caryophyllene

In part 1 of our terpene series we laid out five of the most popular terpenes – or flavour profiles prominent in cannabis products. Today we look at Beta-Caryophyllene and tuen up the heat with its aromatic spice!

When we mean spice, Beta-Caryophyllene is typically found in the flowering vine Piper nigrum which we all know as dried black pepper, and the flowering pods of the clove tree.  Strong aromatics that remind us of savoury meals & spicy cloves in a holiday arrangement.

But is Beta-Caryophyllene purely strong in smell?  While its scent is pungent, Beta-Caryophyllene in fact has a very unique property to it.  And it’s also why we saved the best for last.

Beta-Caryophyllene is the only known terpene to directly activate cannabinoid receptors.  That’s right!  Used in ancient times as an anti-inflammatory, this powerful terpene will aid in relaxation, and bring about a calm mood.

In previous parts, we have shown many terpenes to have this effect.  However in terms of raw strength, Beta-Caryophyllene is the superior terpene.  Not to take away from others’ ability to affect the human body – this is why we have outlined them in this series.  The idea is that we all have likes and dislikes, tastes, preferences, and comfort levels.  The idea behind choosing a dominant terpene profile in your cannabis selection is to obtain the maximum benefit from your experience.  For instance here, some may not prefer the power given by Beta-Caryophyllene and instead may seek to choose a terpene profile with a flavour that is more to that individual’s liking.  One does not need to seek Beta-Caryophyllene for pure relief in that regard, but for those who like spice, it’s a one-way ticket to enjoyment.

So now, what strains do we choose when looking to add some spice to your cannabis life?  The strain with the highest Beta-Caryophyllene content as of this writing is Death Star – which is a hybrid of Sensei Star and Sour Diesel.  Alternatives include most of the glue strains (gorilla glue, OG glue, etc.) and white widow.

This concludes our series on popular terpenes you’ll find throughout your cannabis journey.  Stay tuned to the Cannilux blog for more informative articles on the vast world of cannabis and cannabis culture.

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