New to Cannabis? Consider the Following…

Are you new to, or are uncomfortable with cannabis and cannabis products? As it turns out, you are not alone out there.  A bad experience for first-timers or those who had very little experience with cannabis may have been enough for you to say “never again”.  But fear not, there are ways to ease yourself into the world of cannabis and minimize the bad experiences.

The easiest method of getting your feet wet in cannabis is to choose a strain with low THC content and higher CBD content.  As we have discussed throughout our “Know Your Terpenes” series, higher CBD can help counteract some of the anxiety associated with potent cannabis.  There are many strains to choose from that will include equal amounts of CBD and THC, and even some with no THC at all!  Perfect for the beginner, or for the individual who may have had bad experiences with cannabis in the past.

Most strains will either be indicas or hybrids.  Few sativa-based strains exist with this profile, so keep on the lookout.  A personal favorite of this blogger is “Cannatonic” which is very mild at 8% CBD and 5% THC.  It is also very uplifting, which is very crucial to those unsure or uneasy about getting into cannabis.

If you are starting on your journey into cannabis, the key item to remember is less is more.  Start slow, especially with THC-dominant strains.  1 puff or 1 small hit may be all you need.  Everyone is going to experience it in different ways.

How you enjoy your cannabis of choice will also affect how you perceive its intended effects.  The most common methods are smoking and vapourizing the dried flower.  These are the preferred methods for beginners as it allows you to control the dose with precision.  The effects will also wear off faster compared to edibles.  With that being said, edibles aren’t completely off the table and in fact can be a tasty way to enjoy cannabis!  Just be mindful of the dosage as it takes longer to kick in but will last for an hour or two versus 30-45 minutes for the inhalation route.

And of course, make sure you acquiring a lab-tested, high quality product to know exactly what you’re dealing with.  Experiment, try new strains, and most importantly…

have fun!

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