Indica vs Sativa – Which Do I Choose?

When looking at cannabis to enjoy, they are often separated by their type – either indica, sativa, or a hybrid of the two.  So what really separates them apart?  What differences will it have on the end user?

Do they even matter at all? 

This article should help to alleviate that confusion.

Well before the current landscape of cannabis culture has blossomed into what it is today, beliefs have always been held over the effects of an indica-based flower or a sativa-based flower.  Typically, the long held belief is that an indica will have more of a calming, relaxing effect and a sativa will have a uplifting, euphoric effect.  However, to your surprise, these are factually inaccurate.

Research suggests that the effects of the different plant types have no correlation whatsoever.  The differences between the two may only be of use to those growing the plants as both indica and sativa plants have a differing growth structure.  So then how did we arrive at such a state where the two types of plants have become so entrenched in our day to day lives in cannabis?

If we look back to the 1700’s, we can see that the names cannabis indica and cannabis sativa were established to name varieties from Europe and India.  Today, sativa refers to the tall, narrow leaf plants whereas indica refers to the short, broad leaf varieties.  Despite all of this, thanks in large part of the rapid commercialization of cannabis products, these descriptors will stay.  Which makes it even more important to make an informed choice and deep dive more into the particular strain rather than solely rely on a plant’s taxonomy.

So then where do you start when choosing the right cannabis product for you?  The best answer, is their terpene profile.  We have discussed the five most common and most popular terpenes and their effects, so if you haven’t checked out our series on it, it’s a great start to align your needs with the right product.  Keep in mind there are many more than most popular ones we’ve outlined, so if you’re not satisfied with the basics, consider reading up on some of the others.

Remember – if you’re sensitive to cannabis’ effects or you are new to cannabis, start slow.  If you find that you are more receptive to indicas, or more receptive to sativas, by all means continue to use that as a metric.

Cannabis may be not be easy to understand at first, but further looks will tell you that the variety and complexity are what makes cannabis a true beauty!

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