the State of #Cannabis in #Canada

Cannabis in Canada:
The state of #cannabis in #Canada is at risk. Not by our industry – which is growing every day; with new stores, licensed producers, legal firms, financial elements and more…
We are at risk in the global market. Other nations have caught on to the fact that cannabis has the opportunity to stabilize an entire country with: wealth, employment, medical aid, and commodity export.
Canada has been the leading producer of Cannabis for almost 70+ years. Some growers can trace their roots back to the founding of this country.
As other countries reach #legalization goals – Canada must position itself as a known, #trustworthy producer, exporter, educator, and tourist destination.
The benefit to these items are exponential.
1. Revenue from outside sources in the form of #tourism will increase spending in our country, without inflation.
2. Communities are stabilized with #employment, and small business expansion – allowing for more provincial taxation. Also allowing for more full time employment and therefore more mortgage qualifications.
3. National #export – we can assist the world in their cannabis cultivation, production and education. Allowing Canada to maintain its role as a world educator and leader.
Thank you.
Joshua Both
Cannilux Inc.
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