Cannilux Culture

Cannilux Culture:

Our business culture is unique. Including those from all walks of life. Chad and Travis Grixti: a team of brothers from B.C. , who’s combined experience tops over 30 years.

Well versed in business and sales the Grixti brothers represent Cannilux’s western interest. Overseeing expansion in the Yukon and other provinces including British Columbia.

Joshua Both, Kyle Bahlieda and Adam Gaboury: the Eastern senior partners. Joshua is the founding member of Cannilux Inc. While Kyle and Adam take up the slack designing sales and technological action plans.

Our board is finalized by 2 amazing individuals. Nathan and Jamie: Canadian Armed Forces Veterans and Entrepreneurs, founders of HHOUR a veteran owned company. They are responsible for strategic planning and liaison to the CAF affiliated organizations we are in partnership with.

The Cannilux crew has grown. Over the past few months so has this amazing industry! We are very excited to see this next phase of retail and legal expansion. Edibles, extracts and new retail locations!!

Thank you, Cannilux Inc


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