“Why I personally staffed our model shop”

“Why I personally staffed our model shop”

A long time ago I started to watch a t.v. show called undercover boss. I always thought that idea was a fantastic way to reengage with your front line staff. What I also came to the conclusion was – one should be starting at this point! When you are the face of your business you have no one to hide behind. You are the complaint taker and customer service manager. You become the driving force behind the customer / employee relationship.



While sitting behind our counter in Muskoka – I was able to interact with thousands of people. Interaction in real time gave understanding to the true desires of this market. How to serve our clients to the best of our ability and then some. I truly believe – one on one interaction – with the front line is necessary for every level of business operation. Front line, all the way up to board level director. For if someone is educated in real time – their contribution can and will be so much greater.

10.17.19 (1 YEAR LATER)

shop as of april 2019

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