CBD vs THC – A Primer

As we dive into the realm of greater access to cannabis products, consumers will grow conscious of their options.  Strains, terpene profiles, taste, etc.  However one of the greatest aspects that will be discussed is cannabidiol, or CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Both CBD and THC are sold in oils, gels, gummies, and even more [...]

Cannilux Culture

Cannilux Culture: Our business culture is unique. Including those from all walks of life. Chad and Travis Grixti: a team of brothers from B.C. , who's combined experience tops over 30 years. Well versed in business and sales the Grixti brothers represent Cannilux's western interest. Overseeing expansion in the Yukon and other provinces including British [...]

the State of #Cannabis in #Canada

Cannabis in Canada: The state of #cannabis in #Canada is at risk. Not by our industry - which is growing every day; with new stores, licensed producers, legal firms, financial elements and more... We are at risk in the global market. Other nations have caught on to the fact that cannabis has the opportunity to stabilize an entire country [...]

Indica vs Sativa – Which Do I Choose?

When looking at cannabis to enjoy, they are often separated by their type - either indica, sativa, or a hybrid of the two.  So what really separates them apart?  What differences will it have on the end user? Do they even matter at all?  This article should help to alleviate that confusion. Well before the [...]