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This week in Cannilux

As we eagerly await results in Ontario, from the latest lottery. We are moving ahead by leaps and bounds in the Yukon. Selection of a commercial space is a crucial element in your operational plan. We have taken our time and found the perfect few. The question now is to launch with 1 ... or [...]

This week in Cannilux

This week in #Cannilux - We are meeting with multiple Licensed Producers to begin setting up supply operations for our Yukon Expansion. - We are meeting with "Circle of Growth" to discuss continued involvement in the annual #Muskoka #Cannabis #Expo (August 3rd 2019 - Baysville) - Venture funding sources have approached us over the past few weeks of activity - [...]

CBD (Cannabidiol) – The Smooth Jazz of Cannabis

In our last post, we talked briefly about 2 of the most common elements that define cannabis - CBD and THC.  Today we look at CBD which is responsible for enhancing smooth, mellow, and relaxing elements. CBD has a very long history, but not that much was known about it until relatively recently.  Scientists were [...]